Garden Tablet : Manifestations of Earthly Handiwork
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A Year of Before and After [2007-2008 Photo Essay]

Jeannine Patané: a portfolio sampler [2006 Photo Essay]

Featured Projects
Private Yacht—Panama/Mexico [2012]

Private Residence—Newport Beach, CA [2011]

Private Residence Anchorage, Alaska [2009]

Various Clients—Southern California [2009]

Oceanfront Property—Estate, Af Climate Classification [2007-2009]

Private Yacht—Pacific Coast [2007]

Private Residence—San Diego, California [2007]

Private Residence—Westchester County, New York [2006]

Government Agency Projects—Western Australia [2006]

Various Clients—Outer Banks, North Carolina [2005]

Private Residence—Richardson, Texas [2005]

Private Residence—Pensacola, Florida [2004]

Luxury Yacht—San Diego, California [2004]

Private Residence—San Diego, California [2004]

Kantishna Air Taxi & Skyline Lodge—Denali National Park, Alaska

Remove liquid asphalt filler from an animal hide floor covering

Find a Leak [Photo Essay]

Make a Bundle

Be an In-Flight Wardrobe Hero

A Handywoman's Essentials:
how-to handywoman style

On the roof of Australia; the summit of Mt. Kosciusko.

Favorite Formulas:

Quality • Time • Cost
The Golden Rule to any project. We look for
Good • Fast • Inexpensive.
We can easily get one-out-of-three, hope to get two-out-of-three, but no one can ever get three-out-of-three. Something has to be compromised.

a2 + b2 = c2,
nail lb/amount and other great conversion calculators are found on:

Time= distance ÷ speed
Speed= distance ÷ time
Distance= speed x time


Garden Tablet : Manifestations of Earthly Handiwork