Garden Tablet : Manifestations of Earthly Handiwork

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By Jeannine Patané

Welcome to my journaling garden.

Sticky notes surround my computer—ideas are abundant and it's almost harvest time. Sketches on bar napkins, notes on the back of admission tickets and random thoughts on receipts get indexed. Miscellaneous photos are sorted into folders.

There's a scent of organization here. Garden Tablet is where my field of eclectic ideas and musings are planted into bed rows, and given an opportunity to mature into a productive crop.

Navigating this site:
History is a maturing timeline, and Scenes are History's pages and chapters. Special Features highlights a bushel of selected projects and other personal links. Archives are the essays and articles that are the seeds and ground to publications such as Handywoman’s Companion, and A Handywoman's Essentials: how-to handywoman style.


Current Featured Project:

Reposting archived files of Handywoman's Companion.

Garden Tablet : Manifestations of Earthly Handiwork